How Kaleo Uses Name Warden to Save Time

Did you find your calling when you became an IP Attorney? The term for that (a calling) in Greek is “Kaleo” – the name of a unique law firm based in Virginia Beach and a long-time Name Warden member.

We have quite a few savvy law firms who have improved their efficiency using Name Warden for trademark docketing and to find new clients. This is the first in a series of posts highlighting some of our smart and tech savvy users. 

Meet Kaleo

Kaleo found its calling when Brian Wainger realized that the billable hour system does not create alignment between the client’s goals and outside counsel’s incentives. He left his position as general counsel for NASDAQ and began providing general counsel services on a flat fee, monthly retainer basis to his clients. In 2009, he was joined by Tina McRae, another general counsel lawyer who shared his views, and In 2014, IP Attorney Billy Poynter joined them. Billy was attracted to the idea of redefining the relationship between client and counsel, on a basis other than billable hours, something Tina and Brian had already perfected over the past several years. Together, they built a practice that consists of primarily two types of alternative fee arrangements:

  1. A fractional general counsel practice, on a fixed monthly retainer.
  2. Flat-fee, per-project arrangements.

Their “calling” is to redefine the way law is and should be practiced.

“We have abandoned the billable hour and expensive overhead so that we can provide comprehensive business and legal services at a fraction of the cost.”

Kaleo offers a broad range of services to startups, large and small established businesses, and public and private entities. They advise clients on managing legal risks while driving business growth, function as virtual general counsel as a fractional members of their client’s in-house legal department, and offer a skilled and experienced team of trial lawyers to handle complex commercial, civil rights, and toxic tort matters around the country.

Pretty cool, right?

Why they use Name Warden

Kaleo has been using Name Warden for about 4 years now and in Billy’s words, they “love it!”

“The biggest advantage is that it has saved us hours and hours of time. We don’t have to maintain and enter information into our trademark docket. It’s simple, attractive, and you can be confident that you’re not going to miss any deadlines if Name Warden is your docketing system.”  – Billy Poynter

We love that our technology allows for users to be more flexible and efficient when it comes to removing tedious, manual tasks. Have you tried out Name Warden yet? Take a page out of Kaleo’s book, and give us a try for free!