Trademark docketing

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Unrepresented applicants

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The easy trademark docketing and defense system.

  • Unlimited US, international, and state marks
  • USPTO applications, registrations, and office actions automatically added
  • Set up takes only minutes

Unrestricted Docketing

Name Warden gives you unlimited docketed marks. Track 10, 100 or 10,000—it’s still the same annual price of $275 and they’ll all be in one easy-to-access location.

  • All marks, all deadlines, all in one place
  • Free defensive monitoring for 3 marks
  • Clio and iCal integrated, for seamless management

Defensive Monitoring

Choose marks for Name Warden to monitor for conflicting applications. You get 3 free with a standard subscription. If you need more, each mark is only $45 per year.

A 14-day trial is free—with no credit card required.

Enter your contact details and Name Warden will do the data entry for you.

Problem 1

Legacy docketing systems are expensive, clunky, and require manual data entry.

Problem 2

Using Outlook or Google calendar is not only labor-intensive, it’s also porous.


Enter your contact info and Name Warden captures all your marks and deadlines.
For only $275 per year.

Name Warden will track all of your marks and deadlines in minutes.

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24/7 Online Access

Reports in Excel or CSV files

Monitor with Us to Guard Your Trademarks

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Effortless Protection for Clients

Identify Conflicting Applications

Defend, Disregard or Wait and See

Conflict-Triggered Email Alerts

Additional Monitoring, $45 per mark

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