Reach new clients

exactly when

they need you

Unrepresented applicants with office actions need your help.

Client Finder provides current lists of all trademark applicants who have an office action, opposition, or required ITU filing but no listed attorney.

You’ll receive full contact details for these applicants, as well as their application data. They need a new trademark lawyer—it should be you.

Client Finder is as targeted as lead generation gets.

It’s a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime.

  • Full contact details for each applicant
  • Includes mailing address, phone number, email
  • Prospects’ relevant application data
  • Reach prospects when they need a lawyer
  • Daily or weekly email reports
  • Results in email text and Excel or CSV formats
Single State

Any US state—
your choice—
$75 per month

Dual State

Any TWO US states—
your choice—
$125 per month


All 50 states—
full coverage—
$175 per month

Reach out directly to unrepresented applicants who need your help right now with their required USPTO responses.

You’ll have all the right information at the right time to make your pitch extremely compelling.

Getting highly targeted leads only takes moments.

1.  Sign up for the best monthly subscription plan for your needs.

2.  Client Finder monitors trademark office actions across the United States.

3.  Client Finder identifies actions that require a response from applications without an attorney.

4. Client finder aggregates prospects and event filing data into an easy to read report.

5.  Select either Excel or CSV form, for ease of use with your mail merges and CRM tools.

Avoid Wasted Marketing $

Search engine advertising is an expensive way to broadcast a message, a method commonly described as “spray and pray.”

Be On Point

Client Finder provides event-driven and instantly actionable, timely identification of current demand for your services.

Once your trademark practice is booming, you can cancel anytime.