PracticePanther and Name Warden Announce Integration Partnership

Practice Panther for trademark lawyers just got a lot better.  Dead simple trademark docketing is now integrated.  We’re excited to announce a new integration partnership with PracticePanther and Name Warden, which will provide trademark attorneys around the world with a streamlined process to keep track of trademark applications and filing deadlines.  Once connected with a few clicks, Name Warden works easily and seamlessly within the Practice Panther law practice management platform.

The partnership allows attorneys access to all their important USPTO and international trademark deadlines (by state or country) within their PracticePanther calendar, agenda, and activities, powered by Name Warden.  PracticePanther combines time tracking, case management, billing, invoice, document management, and CRM for lawyers.

“This partnership couldn’t come too soon. Automation in the legal tech world is providing more convenience every day,”  says PracticePanther CMO David Bitton. “Letting the software take care of the reminders, keep track of deadlines, and being able to monitor the process from one platform, leaves far less room for error while increasing the attorney’s efficiency.”

“We are excited to help improve upon PracticePanther’s extreme ease of use with Name Warden’s no-data-entry trademark docketing.  For any lawyer with either a handful or several thousand trademarks to manage, practice management is now even easier,” said Chris Gatewood, Founder of Name Warden.  Name Warden offers flat fee annual or monthly subscriptions, at a single low rate regardless of a lawyer’s number of marks under management.

By streamlining procedures for intellectual property attorneys, with the user-friendliness of both software solutions at their core, PracticePanther and Name Warden are allowing attorneys to become more streamlined and efficient than ever.