CF-slider2-guy1Defend your marks against similar applications by being the first to know.  Our trademark monitoring service makes it easy to defend your client’s good name.  Three monitored marks are included with your annual subscription.  Additional defenses are $45 per mark per year.

We monitor applications as they are filed with the USPTO.  Each week’s monitoring report will give you the option to defend, disregard, or wait and see.  Provide effective counsel and legal triage to your clients well ahead of the USPTO’s 30-day opposition deadline.

The defensive trademark monitoring service is offered together with our docketing service, for coordination and ease of use for trademark practitioners.

$275 per year, for unlimited docketed marks and three included defensive monitoring searches.  Beyond those first three, additional defensive monitoring searches are $45 per mark, per year.

Have more than 10 marks you want to protect?  Want to use our monitoring service but not docketing?  Contact us.

What Are We Looking For?

We search the USPTO filings not just for exact word matches and matching series of letters, but also phonetic and fuzzy string matching.  This search logic captures similar words and word parts, as well as phonetic matches (that is, words and word parts that don’t look exactly alike but sound the same).