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How Kaleo Uses Name Warden to Save Time

Did you find your calling when you became an IP Attorney? The term for that (a calling) in Greek is “Kaleo” – the name of a unique law firm based in Virginia Beach and a long-time Name Warden member. We have quite a few savvy law firms who have improved their efficiency using Name Warden […]

PracticePanther and Name Warden Announce Integration Partnership

Practice Panther for trademark lawyers just got a lot better.  Dead simple trademark docketing is now integrated.  We’re excited to announce a new integration partnership with PracticePanther and Name Warden, which will provide trademark attorneys around the world with a streamlined process to keep track of trademark applications and filing deadlines.  Once connected with a few clicks, […]

Confusion Rejection? Try a Trademark Coexistence Agreement

A 2(d) likelihood of confusion rejection got you down? Creating a trademark coexistence agreement is one way to get past it. As defined in the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure, a coexistence agreement is an agreement between two parties where one party consents to the registration of a trademark by the other party or where two […]

Is Green Lantern Coming to a Gaming Console Near You?

Look out fans! We see Green Lantern on the horizon – and it’s not because we’ve been watching too much Big Bang Theory. This month, we spotted a trend with some recent DC Comics trademark filings.  Looks like DC will be rolling out a Green Lantern video game. Some recent recent trademark filings with the […]

IP Lawyers’ Busy Year: Boom in VR, AR, IoT

This year is looking like it’ll be another exciting year for technology companies and their IP lawyers. Virtual and augmented reality will become more prevalent.  Home automation fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to blow up. Business Insider projects the revenue of virtual and augmented reality to be at $162 Billion by 2020, […]

Merely Ornamental? When a Decoration Is Not a Brand

‘Tis the season for merchandising! Your house, office, and yard may be full of holiday ornamentation but trademark applicants beware.  If something is deemed to be “merely ornamental,” that’s grounds for the USPTO to refuse your application to register your mark.   Ornamentation is an issue that trips up a lot of applicants, especially for t-shirts, […]

Name Warden Goes Global

Name Warden is excited to announce this week that they are expanding their platform for the first time beyond the USPTO! Name Warden is a deadline tracking and automatic docketing service for trademark lawyers. Launched in 2015, the service offers powerful, time saving tools for trademark lawyers: the ability to capture all of a lawyer’s […]