Name Warden Goes Global

Name Warden is excited to announce this week that they are expanding their platform for the first time beyond the USPTO! Name Warden is a deadline tracking and automatic docketing service for trademark lawyers. Launched in 2015, the service offers powerful, time saving tools for trademark lawyers: the ability to capture all of a lawyer’s USPTO trademarks and deadlines in about three minutes, and to track that lawyer’s filings and deadlines over time with no additional data entry.

Name Warden’s founder, Chris Gatewood experienced two major problems trying to be efficient and lean while growing his trademark practice.

  1. Legacy docketing systems are expensive, clunky, and require manual data entry.
  2. Using Outlook or Google calendar as a docketing system is not only labor-intensive, it’s also porous and therefore risky.

Chris and co-founder Michael Lamberson had a hunch that they could solve those problems, and so they built Name Warden and launched it in 2015. The platform also offers low-cost defensive monitoring of client marks within its docketing service, and a separate “Client Finder” business development data subscription.

Users have loved the combination of powerful, time saving features and ease of use, and they have been expressing the desire to add their international and state applications as well.

“Name Warden has focused on our zero-data-entry trademark docketing on domestic applications and registrations. But we had some users who wanted to use Name Warden to manage their international marks. They asked, and we built it.” said Gatewood.

With the new features, Name Warden users have an extension of their docketing and defense monitoring that includes their global trademark practice, beyond Name Warden’s automatic finding and updating of USPTO activity. All marks for any part of the world and in any state or province can be seen and tracked within the Name Warden dashboard.

“For my firm’s multi-national clients, we wanted to be able to manage international applications and registrations easily, along with the USPTO marks that Name Warden already captures and tracks for us automatically.  The new ability to do that has made Name Warden even more central to our trademark practice,” said Anthony Wilkinson, Principal of Wilkinson Law LLC.

Name Warden is excited to expand its capabilities and will continue to listen to users and add features.

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