We have a few new and interesting USPTO trademark filings by Google, one to brand physical memory cards for use in authentication, where the name is PROJECT VAULT, and the other is for a squiggly logo for use with what sounds like a Minority Report-style gesture capturing technology.

Here are the basics for each filing, and a Serial Number link to the USPTO’s TSDR page for each application.

Filing Date: 2015-05-29
Company: Google Inc.
Serial Number: 86645474
Description: Class 009 : Encoded magnetic cards, namely, SD cards (secure digital memory cards) and MicroSD-cards in the field of authentication


Filing Date: 2015-05-29
Company: Google Inc.
Serial Number: 86645472
Description: Class 009 : Computer software for operating sensor devices, computer hardware, and computer peripherals; computer devices, namely, electronic sensor devices, cameras, projectors, and microphones for capturing gesture, facial, and voice recognition; computer software for controlling personal computing and entertainment devices

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