Hey Bartender, There’s a Tire in My Beer: New Beer Trademark Filings That Amuse Us

As beer aficionados, we love looking at trademark filings for new beer names. They say naming the beer is the funnest part of the process. We just love discovering the new names before they hit the shelves. In this installment of our New Beer Brands round-up, we have the usual beer lingo word play, but also love, death, references to the good book, and some weird animals. Cheers!

New Beer Trademark Filings


But first, as we head into Memorial Day, we have to give a shout out to Budweiser’s bold move. This year to help inspire Americans everyone to celebrate all things American, they’ve changed their name to America. The “America cans” will be sold through Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, and the presidential election. Yep, if you’re a Budweiser drinker, you’ll be drinking America until the Presidential election is over.

One side note is that owner AB InBev is not actually an American company, it’s Belgian. But here’s the trademark question: Are they looking to register “America” for beer?  Apparently not.  They are just putting it on the cans.  In addition to the name America, they are replacing “King of Beers” with “E Pluribus Unum”; the Anheuser-Busch logo will now read “US”; and “Trademark Registered” on the can is being changed to “Indivisible Since 1776.”


This has never been trademarked? 

Some of you may not know that the Maryland brewery National Bohemian is actually owned by Pabst Brewing Company. It was kind of a surprise to see this one come through, as we would have thought it’d been registered a long, long time ago.

Company: Pabst Brewing Company, LLC

Serial Number: 87013564


Beer lingo word play

  • SO IT GOSE (Serial Number: 87021731) – Boston Beer Company
  • THE HOPNIPOTENT (Serial Number: 87011834) – Hunga Dunga Brewing Company
  • WITTE CHICKS DIG ME (Serial Number: 87021659) – Gino’s East Services

Biblical References 

Sometimes beer names can get biblical…

  • CANE AND EBEL (Serial Number: 87017859) – Two Brothers Brewing Company
  • BREW UNTO OTHERS (Serial Number: 87021848) Yards Brewing Company

Weird animal references

  • IGUANA BAIT (Serial Number: 87020611) – FLORIDA KEYS BREWING CO
  • TWISTED HIPPO (Serial Number: 87018858) – Twisted Hippo
  • POMPOUS PELICAN (Serial Number: 87019247) – Southern Craft Brewing Company
  • RIGHT SIDE AMBER (Serial Number: 87021914) – Post Brewing Company


At first glance we thought this one might be related to the exceptional brewery Firestone Walker. But upon further review we think it’s somehow related to tires. Check out the name of the company who trademarked it. No tires in our beer! 

Company: Bridgestone Brands, LLC

Serial Number: 87004115


A morbid one

And some amorous references to round out this round-up

  • LOVEY DOVEY (Serial Number: 87021954) – Post Brewing Company
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