Vaping Trademarks : How Much Juice Remains?

If you’ve ever been walking across a parking lot and wondered “what the heck smells like marshmallows?” then you have noticed the rise of the e-cigarette or “vaping” trend. Like we did with craft beer a few months back, we decided to look into USPTO applications for vaping trademarks as an indicator of growth in […]

Brexit Right… to the Trademark Office, as Applicants Vie for Brexit Trademark Rights

Anytime there’s a catchy new buzzword making headlines, you can bet there will be a slew of trademark filings. More and more, we’ve seen the trend of someone or multiple someones trying to register a trademark for some news item, meme, or new buzzword.  Brexit, the term dubbed for Britain leaving the European Union, is no […]

Should IP Attorneys Use Flat Fee or Hourly Fee Billing?

The number of hours you bill per week is a common concern in the life of a lawyer – especially if you work in a law practice with other lawyers. It can be a pain to always watch the clock and tricky to estimate costs to clients. Billing by the hour and watching the clock is […]

20 Law Practice Technology Tools to Use Now

Client intake, time tracking, deadlines, filings, defense monitoring… there’s a lot that Trademark Attorneys have to keep track of on a regular basis. It takes serious organization skills to be an effective Trademark lawyer – or does it? It’s the 21st century! Have you done any research on new law practice technology? Tech-savvy attorneys turn to web based […]

Hey Bartender, There’s a Tire in My Beer: New Beer Trademark Filings That Amuse Us

As beer aficionados, we love looking at trademark filings for new beer names. They say naming the beer is the funnest part of the process. We just love discovering the new names before they hit the shelves. In this installment of our New Beer Brands round-up, we have the usual beer lingo word play, but also love, […]

Google Delivery Drones?

Google’s recent trademark filings provide an interesting window into what the tech giant is thinking about.  Recently, it’s been drones! As a multi-national technology company, Google always has (seemingly) a million projects in the works. Beyond the large array of services we all use and love (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Ads), Google also works on larger scale […]

Monkey Selfies, Anchor Babies, Left Sharks: Chasing Headlines with Meme Trademarks

The year isn’t over yet, but it looks like 2015 could go down in history as the year that trademark applications jumped the left shark. We have seen a number of amusing and some unfortunate examples of applications filed with the USPTO to register meme trademarks and brand pop culture. Here are just a few. […]

USPTO: Some Trademark Registrations Can Be Updated

If your company has moved from selling physical media but now sells downloads or streaming services, you have an unusual and very helpful opportunity for your previous trademark registration.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a new program to extend trademark protection to your new products.

Fifty Years of Beer Trademarks Filing Trends

Here at Name Warden, we work with trademarks, and we like beer.  Lately we have seen a lot of beer companies feuding over trademark rights.  For example, Magic Hat v Georgetown Brewing, Lagunitas v Sierra Nevada, Bell’s v Innovation Brewing, and on and on.

Soda Pop, Chocolate, and Product Configuration Trademarks

In our last post, we looked a colors of products or packaging as potential trademarks that can be protected for certain brands.  This time, let’s consider products themselves.  Not the packaging of the products or the colors used in advertising, but the things themselves.  When can the shape of the thing carry trademark rights for its sellers, […]